Know the Characters

Tan - Che - Kin


Tan, the long legged guy.
He is more practical, more pessimist, more cynic and more selfish than an average person and believes that all others are like that only. Talk to him and he will always be ready with a quick sarcastic remark.


Che, the fluffy balloon.
He is stupid and smart at the same time. Dumb enough not to understand things that hurt him, but wise enough not to do the same to others.


Kin, the ribbon girl.
She believes in living her life as if every moment is the last moment, but seems to have stuck in the modern age consumerism.

Office Diaries

CS - 01

CS-01, the hard working robot.
He is an average employee who hates Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Similar to him are his other colleagues named CS-02, CS-03 and so on.


B-Zero-SS a.k.a. B0SS.
His main objective is to make maximum profit for the company at any cost. He is always thinking about new ways of getting maximum work from his employees, the CS robots.

Dark Dream

The Dark Dream comic exists inside the dreams of a person. You can expect a lot of philosophy out of these dreams. And yes, dreams are philosophical!

The Dreamer
Inside the head of this sleeping person, all the dark dreams exist.

The Apparitions
The apparitions inside the dream. These two apparitions believe that they are real and are always discussing various aspects of life.