Sunday, 26 January 2014

7 Amazing Facts about India

Today is India's 65th Republic Day. So I made some cartoons on some amazing facts about India. Here they are.

1) Longest Constitution

2) Original copies of Indian Constitution

3) Value of Pi

4) Longest Civilization

5) Highest battle ground in the world

6) Heliocentrism

7) Peace Loving

Happy Republic Day! :)


  1. "...cooler than any counter strike map"...
    Just saying. :D

  2. Number 3 is completely false. It could not have been more wrong.

    1. I think you are saying this about the Pythagoras theorem. Though the theorem was named after the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and he "officially" holds the credit for it, but this theorem was known well before to Babylons and Indians.