Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Graphs and Pies of Life

I have been doodling many pie-charts and graphs which explain various situations of life in a truthfully funny way. So I thought why not compile all of them together in a single post and share it with you guys!

When BBM for android launched, this was a rage!

The Truth about Instagram

Apple fanboys unite!

Gamers will understand this

We are not here to watch movie, we are here to eat the overpriced Popcorn!

Education system

Admit it, this has atleast once cause you to punch someone in the face!

Misery loves company

 Blow the Horn!

The lift can sense it

Lets get this shit done!

That's my favorite song and everyone should know about it through my ringtone

 Eye of The tiger, music currently playing in background

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  1. you've forgotten something... (even though win-phone bashing equals necrophilism... but nvmd i fixed that for you) (very professional, such photoshop, wow!)

    1. hahaha... That's really funny! The photoshop level is over 9000. :D